May 14, 2007

Matthew Rhys - Brothers And Sisters S01E22

Why did all the shows I watch decide to pull tearjerkers this week. From beautiful wedding on How I Met Your Mother to the brotherly love on Supernatural, even some good moment on Ugly Betty then Brothers and Sisters, oh poor Tommy and Julia. *sniffs* Combine with drooling too much over Blake on American Idol I might be dehydrated.

Some cute caps of my favorite brother, Kevin, which has nothing to do with all his man love on the show, I swear! BTW is it just me or Rob Lowe always looks the prettiest on the show even when compare to all the girls, and that's not really a good thing, is it?

Also, the telephone scene, with song "Good Gifts" by Melanie Doane, just broke my heart :( . Preview for next week seems to have it all too, the crazy, the boos (oh Walkers + Boos = Awesome), and another tearjerker. Can't wait!

Matthew Rhys (His hair looks different?)

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