May 26, 2007

Blake Lewis & Chris R. - American Idol S06 Finale 2007-05-23

Added last part.

I'm sad. Saw it coming but still sad.

as for the finale...

What a crappy crapular crapfest finale that was.
-No video of screaming fans from Blake/Jordin hometowns
-Beside first duet and quick Mustang give away Blake/Jordin got pretty much same air time as Melinda/Sanjaya
-Outside top 3 Sanjaya is the only one who got a duet..... after they said 5 bajillion times to put Blake down that it's a singing (a.k.a. belting) competition (he can sing BTW).
-Top 12 were pretty much background singers once Smokey/Gladys came out and neither Blake/Jordin were even leads.
-The other 8 contestants might as well hire some stand-in and they could stay home and nobody would notice.
-Awards.... was that supposed to be funny? I didn't laugh.
-No Cake!

*sigh* some more

Wish it was Blake/Chris here :(

Might as well throw in some Phil love

Not enough Cake :(

Wish it was Blake/Chris here :(

Wish it was Blake/Chris here :(
*sigh* anything! give me anything! gah!

Ford Commercial

Godforbid Blake wears one layer and it has to be black....
tighty whitey please?

What a crap fest this is, too many fillers. Awards thingy were... *sigh*
Sanjaya got a duet, really??? really????? *sigh*

*sigh* give me 1 cakeshake will ya???

Congratulation Jordin

Finally got a replacement for the last part.
Nothing.... Far away from camera and nothing......If you can't locate Chris just look for the hands on you know where, you know the drill.
Still nothing....

They're this close and still.... nothing!!!!



2 hands on Chris, none were Blake's...........

and *GASP* still nothing!!!!!

Group hug... blocked by Brandon and Haley.....

Sigh...... I think I'm gonna go watch Chris elimination show for some cake mix.......... NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sad Blake lost i knew it would happened but still sad, Jordin's a great singer though

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