May 20, 2007

Blake Lewis - This Love - Homemade Music Video

Since I wuv "This Love" so much, I thought I'd try to make video to go with it. It's not the best but I'm a bit happy with the result. Expect lots of repetitive footages and some bad sync since I have to stretch 1.40 min. live performance to fit 3.20 min studio version and try to cover the verse not in live performance.

If you like the song please support Blake by buying mp3 from American Idol website, it's HQ 320kbps DRM-free mp3 for $0.99. Also vote, vote, vote this week!!!!!!!!! He's in top 2, there's no way back now, the best thing is to win it!

Video after the jump

Blake Lewis - This Love (Homemade Music Video)

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