May 15, 2007

Blake Lewis - American Idol S06 Top 3 2007-05-15

It's finally on for us west coasters!!!!!!!!!!!

(I really hate red lights, it gets all fuzzy when I cap, I really have no idea how to fix this, it's either fuzzy or I use another player which I can't go frame-by-frame)

Never have and never will care for Roxanne, no matter who does it and no matter how good. But the other 2 songs were hot damn. This Love was da bomb!

Added last song. So it's just west coast screw up or maybe just my city.

Seems I went a bit overboard on this one @.@ 200+ caps total. Maybe a bit too much tongue too. hmm.... but.... it's................ ya know.......

Make them top 2 pretty pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!
This Love is wuved!!!
Last Song
So he's shaking his sweet B. and you aimed at his back???!!!
Lower the camera damn it!
O.K. this one kinda came out wrong
Cuteness alert!
I officially hate you, cameraman.
Ideal Top 2!!!! (Well, for me anyway)


Anonymous said...

Oh. I see your point about hating the cameraman in those two. That's just tragic. Great caps as always, cowboy! :)

Alexa said...

aahhh.. man. Could I love him ANY more?? Doubt it. =]

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