May 8, 2007

Blake Lewis - American Idol S06 Top 4 2007-05-08

Top 4 with Barry Gibb

*Back from the dead for some comments*
I don't know if it's his hotness, my shallowness or the songs, I actually didn't mind the beatboxing. Even voted some for the first time after watching Idol for 5 years without a single vote. He better gets to top 2!
*Die again from his hotness*

This one just need to be in animation.

Click to open or right click to save as (swf flash file)
*They are the same but different size*
Small size 98x98 (164 KB)

Full size (2 MB)


Tracy said...

thank you for these!

he is so beautiful. <3

bina said...

I really don't think you will ever know how much your blog RULES! Thank you for these gorgeous caps! We lucked out when you decided to cap Blake, wow!!! <3

Isa Gallagher said...

Hey! I love your caps, great job. I hope you do the missing eps! =)

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