May 13, 2007

Blake Lewis - American Idol S06 Top 4 Results 2007-05-09

Bye bye La-Kiki. Now though chances are slim, with the Jordin pimpage and all, I hope for Melinda/Blake final 2.

Blake though still cute as always if not more, the shirt hurts my eyes. Luckily with his "Commando" joke, (or was it?) I was busy looking at something else *winks winks*.

Added AI Extra (LQ).

Added some horror caps

Ford Commercial

These are LQ so I thought I'd stuck them here instead of making a new post

American Idol Extra (Right click to save them as these are the biggest I could get)

Not for the weaks!!!

So I finally watched Gibb's performance and OMIGOD y'all! he's wearing semi see through shirt. That's so wrong!!! Switch it with Blake!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your screencaps! The shirt was pretty bad, but it *was* snug! :D Please keep sharing! Thanks!

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