May 16, 2007

Blake Lewis - American Idol S06 Top 3 Results 2007-05-16

Top 3 results.

Well, I guess it's inevitable that either one of my 2 favorites had to go home, I'll miss ya Melinda, you were the first and for a while, the only one, I'd been rooting for. What's with Jordin being the first to be declared safe these past few weeks?

Make sure you can handle the extreme cuteness.



Missed these the first time.

Ford Commercial

There! I did it! I'm probably, fine!, definitely bias here but her facial expression really bugs me.


Lana said...

Hee! great captions :)

Thanks for the great pics :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the great screencaps!

Does Blake's shirt read "False Idols"?

Isa Gallagher said...

Ryan, what the hell?!! lol I love your caps, I'm glad someone saw that. Srsly, where was Chris?

btw, the last one: truer words never been spoken. I miss Melinda :(

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