Apr 30, 2007

Clark Gregg - The New Adventures of Old Christine S02E21 Friends

Watching this show just make me miss The Class even more. The Class is way better going after How I Met Your Mother. Although I still like Christine better than other sitcoms such as Two And A Half Men.

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HQ-HD-HT (High Quality, High Definition & Hot Towels)

Everyone and their dogs have probably seen these by now but when you got something this hot, it's not gonna hurt to post them again anyway, is it?

Jamie Bamber - BSG S02E08 Final Cut

Eric Dane - Grey's Anatomy S03E02 I Am A Tree

Jared Padalecki - Supernatural S01E17 Hell House

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John Pyper-Ferguson - Brothers And Sisters S01E20 Bad News

I really don't know what to think about this Joe-Rebecca thing they're going with. It's already hard as it is for Rebecca to blend into this family and it seems that everyone including Rebecca herself, except Holly of course, really want it to work out. Guess I'll have to wait and see where this goes. Sarah and Joe fight was really well done, both of them really did a great job on that scene. I really like Robert and Rob Lowe but it seems adding him to the show really take away Kitty from family interaction which was very obvious in this episode. Also poor Tommy, a true middle child.

Not much skin in this episode, we only got to see John Pyper-Ferguson.

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James Denton - Desperate Housewives S03E18 Liaisons

Mike to the rescue after he spot Susan and Ian in the lake with their car.

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