May 22, 2007

Blake Lewis & Chris R. - American Idol S06 Top 2 2007-05-22

Final showdown.



Coin toss

You Give Love A Bad Name

10 Points to those who can find Chris

The hand! OMIGAWD The hand! That's better be for Chris!!!!

Holy crap 1 performance and it's 150 caps already. Definitely going overboard here, and more tongue too! again! Yah I'm a perv.
Voting opened now, I'm off to vote.
Back for the rest...
Tiny Chris in the audience

Jordin - Fighter

Back to Blake

She Will Be Loved

Another tiny Chris

Jordin 2nd song

This is My Now

Dont care to whom that's for, I'll pretend it's for Chris.

Oh Melinda....

Jordin - This is My Now

Phone numbers.


Anonymous said...

Excellent caps, as always. The "love you" animation surprised the crap outta me! Just scrolling down, and all of a sudden Blake tells me that he loves me. What a way to start the day!

Any idea what those buttons he's wearing say?

CowboyHD said...

They seem to be just some kind of logo.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much as always...these are great!

Isa Gallagher said...

Amazing caps, as always!

I used Phil's head as reference for finding Chris :)

Anonymous said...

The one you put the "shifty eyes" emote for is new to me...are you showing that Chris left his seat? Good eye!

Anonymous said...

Ok WTH? You want blake to be gay? You Friggin FAG!
He's already said on an interview he isn't! So youtube stuff for his radio station interview before you type! have great pics. And because of your BS you type.. I wont stop coming here. Bc you have wondermous pictures.

blissfan said...

thanks so freaking much for the screencaps ! LOVE THEM ALL
i spotted chris btw,

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