Jun 3, 2007

Cake - Compilation

Nothing new here, just stuffs from previous posts. Thought I'd make a few compilations here.
(O.K. so there might be a few new things here after all then but mostly they're just old stuffs)

Cake Memories
Cake Mosaic
(Most of full size Mosaic are 2MB)
Moose makes Chris....Turtle makes Blake....

Together they make cake...
1500 Different Screencaps of Blake

Shake me some cake

Cake Hug

The Look of Love

Random Cake


Sleepy Blake

Sweet B.B.

Blake Fake Smile

Blake got some competition!

"Satisfied" Chris

Too Hot V.S. Too Cute Blake

I'd do Chris touching his "thigh" but that'd need a whole new post wouldn't it?


Chantal said...

lol Yep. And I have no objections to that, btw. ;) I'm loving how you're keeping Cake alive! Your screencaps are the best!

Sam said...

You have the best screencaps, ever. Seriously, this site saves my life. Appreciate it so much!

Bouffe said...

I love your blog! Love Blake, love Chris... I'm in heaven!

Anonymous said...

how do you do the mosaic with different pictures?

Alexa said...

LOOOVE IT!! They are my life i swear.